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icons: Secret Life of Dolls, Take 2

The adventures of little Edward continues... As do my slow days at work... Obviously.

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'That is not a kid who likes girls,' Faramir Two reassured One.Collapse )

icons: Secret Life of Dolls

Obviously work has not captured my attention today. So here are a few animated icons based on The Secret Life of Dolls by Cleolinda. Let's just say things have definitely gotten interesting.

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He’ll scrapbook in hell first!Collapse )

pics: Rob @ Tokyo Twilight Premiere

Straight off of Wire Image--

Looking pretty fine in the charcoal gray suit! And more are coming in, I believe...

44 pics under the cut!Collapse )

pics: Oscars 2009: Robert Pattinson

All the Robert Pattinson Oscar Photos will be here. That includes Red Carpet & After Party. There were just too many to clog up the general picture posts with other random photos!

2-24-09: Added 12 new Red Carpet pics!

Click for pics!Collapse )

pics: Oscar 2009: Robert Downey, Jr.

I hated to have to do this, but I couldn't help it! There were just too many photos of the Robs to contain it in a post with everyone else. So here's RDJ's post.

Click for pics!Collapse )